Kniwwelino® is a technology-rich creative environment to learn coding and electronics


Designed especially for kids, it is composed of an electronic board and a visual online coding interface, which consists in aggregating blocs, just like a puzzle. Extensions, plugged to the electronic board, enable to discover electronics.

Beyond, the discovering of coding and electronics, Kniwwelino® can also generate a creative environment for other learnings (mathematics, sciences, art…).

The Kniwwelino environment is composed of:

  • An electronic board with 2 buttons, a RGB LED, a 5 x 5 matrix of red LEDs, a WIFI chip that allows the exchange of messages via MQTT, ports to add extensions such as sensors or servo motors,
  • A visual online coding programming interface.

By the way, the name Kniwwelino is a composition of the luxembourgish word "kniwwelen", that means to craft something, "ino"should show the deep affinity to the Arduino ecosystem and finally "Lino"as a name has a relation to lion, which is the heraldic animal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


What we offer


The Kniwwelino board is available for purchase at



Online visual programing available

Kniwwelino Arduino library available on GitHub


Documentation and Instructions

Instructions and example projects available on


Workshops and trainings

On request we hold Kniwwelino workshops and trainings for children and adults. Please contact us for an offer.


Kniwwelino is developed by LIST in the scope of the project Bee Creative for Kids, in collaboration with SNJ and SCRIPT, co-funded by the FNR. We would like to thank all partners who support Kniwwelino in many different ways.

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