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The Kniwwelino hardware is the first micro-controller development platform entirely designed for children attending fundamental schools and “maisons relais” in Luxembourg. The name Kniwwelino is a composition of the luxembourgish word "kniwweln", that means to craft something, "ino"should show the deep affinity to the Arduino ecosystem and finally "Lino"as a name has a relation to lion, which is the heraldic animal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


The programming is done with a visual programming tool in the browser. The resulting programs are then uploaded to the Kniwwelino over the Internet. For programming beginners our documentation website provides project and programming examples to be directly used or to be the starting point for first code modifications. After learning step-by-step the basics to programming the Kniwwelino the children can express their own creativity by implementing own ideas.


The Kniwwelino hardware consists of a 5x5 LEDs matrix, a RGB LED and two push buttons. There are additional ports that can be used to extend the board by additional sensors and other peripherals. The underlaying micro-controller platform is also embedding a Wi-Fi stack. That enables the Kniwwelino to connect itself to other Kniwwelinos over the Internet. By implementing standard IoT message protocols, like MQTT it could be easily be integrated in existing IoT installations. The small size of the printed circuit board makes it possible to embed the Kniwwelino in nearly every crafted enclosure or object to not limit the development of the child's creativity.

How to buy?

Kniwwelino is available for purchase at Electronic-Shop.lu.




Online visual programing available http://code.kniwwelino.lu

Visual programing with KniwwelinoBlockly (desktop version) 

Kniwwelino Arduino library available on GitHub - for advanced users


Documentation and Instructions

Instructions and example projects available on http://doku.kniwwelino.lu/.


Kniwwelino is developed by LIST in the scope of the project Bee Creative for Kids, in collaboration with SNJ and SCRIPT, co-funded by the FNR. We would like to thank all partners who support Kniwwelino in many different ways.

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